The Tech Policy Lab is a unique, interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Washington that aims to enhance technology policy through research, education, and thought leadership. Founded in 2013 by faculty from the University’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, Information School, and School of Law, the Lab aims to bridge the gap between technologists and policymakers and to help generate wiser, more inclusive tech policy.


A How-To Guide for Creating More Inclusive Tech Policy Documents
Intended for policymakers, technologists, educators and others, this international collection of 19 short stories delves into AI’s cultural impacts with hesitation and wonder.
Our work in AR examines the major legal and policy issues augmented reality may present as a novel technology.
Our work examines how emerging technology affects and operates within cities, and provides recommendations around the policy impacts of these technologies.
On the Steppe, a radio series on designing and using technology wisely.
Our work proposes data statements as a design solution and professional practice for natural language processing technologists to help mitigate issues related to exclusion and bias.

Distinguished Lecture Series