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Diverse Voices: A How-To Guide for Facilitating Inclusiveness in Tech Policy

All too often, policy development for emerging technology neglects under-represented populations. In response to this challenge, the UW Tech Policy Lab developed the Diverse Voices method in 2015. The method uses short, targeted conversations about emerging technology with experiential experts from under-represented groups to provide feedback on draft tech policy documents. This process works to increase the likelihood that the language in the finalized tech policy document addresses the perspectives and circumstances of broader groups of people – ideally averting injustice and exclusion.

Project Resources

  • Diverse Voices: A How-To Guide for Creating More Inclusive Tech Policy Documents

    The Lab seeks to make this process available to any group wanting to improve a draft technology policy document through our How-To Guide. The Guide provides step-by-step guidelines for using the Diverse Voices method to increase the inclusiveness of tech policy documents.

    Guide/Toolkit News
  • Toward Inclusive Tech Policy Design: A Method for Underrepresented Voices to Strengthen Tech Policy Documents

    This journal article, published in 2019 in Ethics and Information Technology, introduces the Diverse Voices method and reports on two case studies demonstrating its use: one with a white paper on augmented reality technology, and the other with a strategy document on automated driving vehicle technologies.

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Past Events

  • Diverse Voices at PPDD 2019

    Lab members will share our Diverse Voices method for more inclusive tech policy at the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide conference, including analysis of a recent case study with the Washington state Access to Justice Technology Principles.

  • Tech Policy Lab at the UW iSchool Research Fair

    The Lab will be sharing our Diverse Voices project at the annual iSchool Research Fair on Thursday, March 14th from 6:30 - 8 pm in the HUB South Ballroom.

  • Diverse Voices Training | Facilitating Inclusiveness in Tech Policy

    The UW Tech Policy Lab is organizing a one-day training workshop exploring our Diverse Voices process on Thursday, November 8th in Seattle.


Current Panels

Alan Borning
Computer Science & Engineering – University of Washington

Cindy Bennett
Human Centered Design and Engineering – University of Washington

Krista Greear
Disability Resources for Students – University of Washington

Richard Ladner
Computer Science & Engineering – University of Washington

Alison Holcomb

Leila Foard
Washington Department of Corrections (Formerly)

Lillian Hewko
Washington Defenders Association

Shayne Rochester
Washington State Parent Advocacy Network

Zelda Tiemann
South Seattle College

Hesper Hobsburhg

Jan Gelman
Jan Gelman + Associates

Kim Noneon
Elizabeth Gregory Home

Monica Houstin

Nicole Ferrer
Apprenticeship and Non-traditional Employment for Women

Reitha Weeks
Seattle Association of Women in Science

Noam Gundle
Seattle Education Association – The Voice of Seattle Public Schools Educators

Marianne Clarke
Seattle Education Association – The Voice of Seattle Public Schools Educators

Phyllis Campano
Seattle Education Association – The Voice of Seattle Public Schools Educators

Joseph Krebs
Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras (SYSO)

Kathleen Allen
Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras (SYSO)

Teddy NcGlynn-Wright
Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative

Angela Brown
Arts Corp

Sonal Modisette
Girls on the Run!

Katie Davis
University of Washington Information School

Nicole Freedman
City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Alison Townsend
City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Mike Rimoin
Commute Seattle (Seattle’s Transit and Management Association)

Hester Serebrin
Transportation Choices

Rich Brown
Cascade Bicycle Club

Aaron Cayko

Mohamed Albirair

Lisa Fusco

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Join a Diverse Voices Panel

The Diverse Voices Panels can only succeed through participation from diverse communities and fresh voices. We are actively looking for people to join our panels. As a panel member, you would be contacted two or three times year to help us understand the perspective of the non-mainstream group(s) you represent.

Recommend a Panel By Area

Broad representation is important for the Diverse Voices panels to be successful. The current panel areas are listed above. We encourage others to recommend new areas in which we should establish a diverse voices panel.

Recommend a Technical Topic

Technology develops faster than most people can keep up with. We try our best to stay ahead of the curve, but sometimes we miss something important. We encourage others to recommend topics that our Diverse Voices Panels should discuss.

Start a Panel At Your Organization

Are you thinking about starting your own Diverse Voices Panel for your organization? No two diverse voices panels are identical, but every diverse voices panel is built as a partnership.

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Are you interested in learning more about the Diverse Voices method? Through the mailing list you will be able to connect with others interested in the method, ask questions, and receive information on additional resources. If you would like to join the Diverse Voices mailing list, please sign up at