Research Areas:

Our work examines how emerging technology affects and operates within cities, and provides recommendations around the policy impacts of these technologies.

Project Resources

  • Push, Pull, and Spill: A Transdisciplinary Case Study in Municipal Open Government

    Here we examine privacy and security policies for open government with an eye toward best practices. Municipalities across the US perceive the potential benefits to their organizations and the public at large from making the datasets they collect available online to the public. However, the same municipalities along with numerous scholars and public policy advocates are increasingly concerned about the consequences of releases of data about local residents. This paper was published in the Berkeley Technology Law Journal.

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  • Driverless Seattle: How Cities Can Plan for Automated Vehicles

    Preparing for the integration of a new technology such as autonomous vehicles into government processes requires forethought and was behind Driverless Seattle. Focusing on Seattle, this whitepaper identifies the major legal and policy issues that Seattle and similar cities will need to consider in light of new automated technologies.

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  • SeaGlass: Enabling City-Wide IMSI-Catcher Detection

    SeaGlass is a system designed by security researchers at the University of Washington to measure IMSI-catcher use across a city. The project aims to help communities maintain their privacy by building a community-driven, open data service to detect cellphone surveillance and produce high-quality cellular network data for research. This paper was published at Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium 2017.

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