New Research: Diverse Voices

New research with our Diverse Voices project, “Toward Inclusive Tech Policy Design: A Method for Underrepresented Voices to Strengthen Tech Policy Documents” published in Ethics and Information Technology, reports on two case studies demonstrating the Diverse Voices method: one with a white paper on augmented reality technology, and the other with a strategy document on automated driving vehicle technologies.

New Research: Data Statements

Experts in information science and computational linguistics propose data statements as a design solution and professional practice for natural language processing technologists to help mitigate issues related to exclusion and bias in Data Statements for NLP: Towards Mitigating System Bias and Enabling Better Science. Read the full paper here. This paper was published in the Transactions of […]

New Research: Adversarial Machine Learning

Last fall, a team of researchers with the Lab’s Ivan Evtimov, Earlence Fernandes, and Co-Director Yoshi Kohno shared research on ArXiv showing that malicious alterations to real world objects could cause devices to “misread” the image. Now, the team of researchers presented two papers updating this research – one at Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2018 […]