March 21, 2023

Bloomberg Law Spotlights Tech Policy Lab for Innovation and Experiential Learning

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is spotlighting the excellence of the Tech Policy Lab as part of its 2022 Law School Innovation Program.

Named alongside schools like Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law and UC San Francisco’s College of the Law, the UW collaboration was noted for its “innovative program that is advancing legal education.”

The Tech Policy Lab was recognized in January as a top-scoring program in the area of Law School Innovation & Experience, and Bloomberg Law is now giving a more in-depth look at the Lab’s strengths.

“Law students work closely with scientific experts to gain a nuanced understanding of complicated technologies and the effect of policy on them,” the article says. “TPL’s model allows students to build relationships in the field and access unique opportunities.”

The honor demonstrates impact, according to Tech Policy Lab Co-Director Ryan Calo.

“Education has been part of our mission since we started in 2013. We are very pleased to see our model held up as an example to others. The Lab has been emulated by other schools over the years, but this formal recognition is exciting,” Calo said.

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