October 10, 2022

Co-Director and Faculty Associate receive National Science Foundation award

Allen School News

TPL Co-Director Yoshi Kohno and faculty associate from the Paul G. Allen school Franziska Roesner recently received an NSF for their work in the Security and Privacy Research Lab. They partnered with colleagues at the University of Florida and Indiana University to provide a framework for moving technology design beyond the default when it comes to user security and privacy, using funding from the Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) Frontiers program in the National Science Foundation.

“Technology is an essential tool, sometimes even a lifeline, for individuals and communities. But too often the needs of marginalized and vulnerable people are excluded from conversations around how to design technology for safety and security,” said Allen School professor and co-principal investigator Franziska Roesner, highlighted in an Allen School news article.