February 6, 2023

Co-Director & Ph.D. Student’s Paper Featured in 3 Articles About Defining Privacy and the Dilemmas of Privacy Legislation

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TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo and Ph.D. student María P. Angel’s paper, Distinguishing Privacy Law: A Critique of Privacy as Social Taxonomy, is mentioned in three articles. As iterated by all articles, Calo and Angel illustrate the difficulty of defining what exactly ‘privacy’ constitutes especially in creating laws and regulation. Since ‘privacy’ can be interpreted in different ways by many scholars, taxonomizing the term might not be productive. Their research has found that ‘privacy’ is too nuanced, and creating legislation based on one interpretation can cause policy errors and issues. Calo and Angel suggest scholars and other researchers to consider the implications of taxonomizing ‘privacy’, and to avoid prioritizing one definition over the other.