Research Areas:

Our work examines security and privacy concerns that individuals face and provides recommendations to address these concerns.

Project Resources

  • How Public Is My Private Life? Privacy in Online Dating

    To understand how users reason about privacy risks they can potentially control through decision making, Lab members studied online dating user’s perceptions about and actions governing their privacy. Their study reveals tensions between privacy and competing user values and goals, and they demonstrate how these results can inform future designs. This paper was presented at the 26th International World-Wide Web Conference.

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  • Computer Security and Privacy for Refugees in the United States

    Lab faculty and students are examining cultural assumptions built into security mechanisms. In this paper, published at IEEE Security and Privacy 2018, they interviewed refugees in the U.S. about computer security and privacy, finding that many computer security and privacy related practices include deeply embedded U.S. or Western cultural knowledge and norms. They provide and are currently exploring further recommendations based on their interviews for concrete technical directions to better serve the security and privacy of diverse populations in the U.S. and around the world.

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  • Exploring ADINT: Using Ad Targeting for Surveillance on a Budget

    In this work, we explore the following question: can third-parties use the purchasing of ads to extract private information about individuals? We find that the answer is yes. We also conduct a broad survey of other ad networks and assess their risks to similar attacks. We then step back and explore the implications of our findings. Published at the 16th ACM Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES 2017).

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