What is a Bot?

Bots are automated software, designed by human programmers to do tasks on the web. Bots have been around since the beinning of the internet. As a recent New York Times article says, bots are getting smarter and easier to create. As bots become more convincing, users and researchers need to be careful what we are […]

FTC Start with Security Seattle 2016

The Lab co-sponsored the FTC Start with Security Conference, an initiative to provide companies with practical tips and strategies for implementing effective data security.

FTC Start With Security | Panel 3: The Business Case for Security

How can startups determine the importance of security to their bottom line? Building security in up front may help startups avoid significant costs: Venture capital investors may emphasize security in funding decisions; customers may demand contractual security requirements; potential acquirers may evaluate a startup’s security posture; and startups may incur fatal damage to reputation and monetary costs from a security incident. This panel will discuss the importance of security from the investor, customer, and potential acquirer standpoints.

FTC Start with Security | Panel 1: Building a Security Culture

How can startups build a culture of security? This panel will explore how startups can jumpstart security in their organization, and why they should, including how to get organizational buy-in for security, train developers to code securely, use basic threat modeling to identify security threats, and more.

FTC Start With Security | Panel 4: Securing the Internet of Things

Connected devices present new security challenges and expanded attack surfaces. How can startups secure their IoT products and services in a rapidly developing ecosystem? This panel will address how IoT startups can identify and manage critical risks in their businesses and plan for the unique challenges they face.