June 14, 2022

Co-Director Appointed Head of Technology and Equity Research at


TPL Co-Director Yoshi Kohno was recently appointed Head of Technology and Equity Research at, a secure identity verification service with over 90 million users. Previously, also established a Privacy Bill of Rights and committed to their “No Identity Left Behind” initiative, which seeks to include people who traditionally have difficulty verifying their digital identity (such as those without credit scores). To this end, all research conducted and released by will be reviewed by Professor Kohno, who⁠, alongside serving as Co-Director of the Tech Policy Lab⁠, also serves as Co-Director of the Security and Privacy Lab and Associate Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access at the Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. “I’m excited to bring my experience to bear and engage with the team,” says Professor Kohno, “to continue charting the future of digital identity, ensuring equity, access, privacy and security for all people.”