October 27, 2021

Co-Director Urges for Better Transparency of Driver Data & Privacy


In an article with Newsweek, TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo participates in the current conversations surrounding driver data privacy. According to the article, cars have begun to collect immense amounts of data on their drivers. Unbeknownst to these drivers, their data is being sold to third parties like insurance companies to ‘tailor services to the average driver.’ Additionally, law enforcement has the ability to wiretap vehicles with warrants to listen to conversations in the car. Unfortunately, most drivers are not aware of their data being collected. Calo argues that the collection of driver data must be made more aware and accessible. Calo states these practices of car companies are deceiving and only meant to profit the industry and not consumers. The SPY Car Act has recently addressed some of these concerns, and to better inform drivers of data privacy.