November 18, 2013

Tech Policy Lab Directors at the FTC Workshop on The Internet of Things

Our Faculty Directors Tadayoshi Kohno and Ryan Calo will be joining the expert panels for the Federal Trade Commission’s “Internet of Things” workshop on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, in Washington, DC.

Tadayoshi Kohno

Panel 3: Connected Cars
This panel will look at the emergence of smart cars, exploring the different technologies involved with connected cars, including Event Data Recorders, head units, and telematics. Panelists will discuss data collection, closed versus open systems, and existing and potential privacy and security vulnerabilities.

Ryan Calo

Panel 4: Privacy and Security in a Connected World
This panel will focus on the broader privacy and security issues raised by the Internet of Things. Topics that will be discussed include the extent to which the privacy and security issues raised by the Internet of Things are novel; how increasingly interconnected devices can manage notice and consent; best practices for managing privacy and security with new interconnected devices; and the incentives that exist for designing products with privacy and security in mind.