Ways to Grow: New Directions for Agricultural Technology Policy

This whitepaper looks at the growing role of technology in agricultural policy and establishes that agricultural policy is technology policy. Agricultural technology can be used in ways to make farming more efficient, but also leads to many undesirable outcomes. This whitepaper provides options to mitigate the impacts of agricultural technology.

Driverless Seattle: How Cities Can Plan for Automated Vehicles

Preparing for the integration of a new technology such as autonomous vehicles into government processes requires forethought and was behind Driverless Seattle. Focusing on Seattle, this whitepaper identifies the major legal and policy issues that Seattle and similar cities will need to consider in light of new automated technologies.

Augmented Reality: A Technology & Policy Primer

This whitepaper—which grew out of research conducted across three units through the Tech Policy Lab—is aimed at identifying some of the major legal and policy issues AR may present as a novel technology, and outlines some conditional recommendations to help address those issues.