Spotlights/Guest Posts

June 27, 2016

Guest Post: Robot Operator License: Educating Teleoperated Robot Users to Increase Public Safety

Sarah Hubbard, a student Research Assistant with the Lab, and Hannah Misenar just recently completed their Information School Capstone on a concept they call the “Robot Operator License”. After being exposed to a variety of tech policy issues with emerging technologies through the Lab, Sarah was interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities with the […]


December 12, 2014

Guest Post: UW Law School’s Technology Law and Policy Clinic: Autonomous-Vehicle Regulation – What Can and Should the States Regulate?

by Ashleigh Rhodes, Brooks Lindsay, Don Wang As autonomous vehicles drive from fantasy to reality (and they’ve almost arrived), rules and regulations are needed to ensure this new technology is safely integrated into the country’s current transportation infrastructure. States have been wondering what they can regulate and what the federal government will preemptively regulate. In […]


October 5, 2014

Guest Post: Comparative Analysis of Data Protection in Korea and the European Union

This is a guest post by Yoon Sukbe, a member of the South Korea Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and visiting scholar at the University of Washington School of Law. The paradigm of data protection is being changed due to the advancement of network technology. Decentralization and effectiveness of Internet technologies enhance convenience […]


April 25, 2014

Spotlight on Tech Policy Lab Scholar Tamara Denning

This week marks the beginning of the International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, better known as CHI, where Tech Policy Lab member Tamara Denning will be presenting her new paper on augmented reality glasses. In the video preview on YouTube, you can see an explanation of how they examined perspectives on bystander privacy […]


March 27, 2014

Spotlight on Tech Policy Lab Scholar Franzi Roesner

(pictured with fellow Tech Policy Lab member Ada Lerner) The Tech Policy Lab has interesting projects in the works thanks to our student scholars. We are lucky to count Franzi Roesner from UW’s Computer Science & Engineering as one of our Lab members. Part of the 2013 Rising Stars in EECS at MIT, Franzi is […]


February 24, 2014

Spotlight on Tech Policy Lab Scholar Tamara Bonaci

The Tech Policy Lab works to sponsor interesting tech events and the people involved. This week the Lab is co-sponsoring the Scholars’ Studio on Robot Research and Lab member Tamara Bonaci will be presenting her work. Tamara Bonaci is a Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington and her research focuses on […]


February 13, 2014

Spotlight on Tech Policy Lab Scholar Bryce Newell

The Tech Policy Lab is lucky enough to host half a dozen wonderful student scholars from four departments across campus.  Today we wanted to highlight the work of Bryce Clayton Newell , a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Washington’s Information School.  Bryce’s research focuses on the use of emerging technology by law enforcement and […]