Julia (JJ) Citron

Julia (JJ) Citron (summa cum laude, Colgate University 2020), was a Research Assistant at the Tech Policy Lab with a focus on the intersection of race, law and technology. She serves on the cabinet of the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum in Peterboro, NY.

Sereen Kallerackal

Sereen graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle in June 2020, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She worked as an intern with the Tech Policy Lab and helped support Research on Technology Policy resources, emerging technology related to AI/ML and current technology issues related to compliance and disinformation and also helped support Lab […]

Nicole Buckley

Nicole is a J.D. candidate at the UW School of Law. At the Lab, her research focused on the nexus between platform liability reform efforts and behavioral politics. Nicole is currently working at UW’s Center for an Informed Public, where she researches and analyzes election-related misinformation.

Jasper Yao

Jasper Yao was one of the first Research Assistants at Tech Policy Lab. His research interests involve consumer protection and ethics in emerging technologies, especially in areas of significance to constitutional and privacy law.

Audrey Pope

Audrey was a Summer Robotics Fellow at TPL and is an undergraduate student at Vanderbilt University, studying Women’s and Gender Studies, Anthropology, and Political Theory. In particular, she is interested in humanoid robotics and the interplay between identity and technology in a modern world. Following her graduation, she hopes to attend law school and eventually pursue […]

Jennifer Aronson

Jennifer Aronson is a J.D. graduate of the University of Washington School of Law. Prior to law school, Jennifer worked at a research institute at the University of Texas Austin studying issues affecting military families, such as telehealth services in underserved rural areas and technology-assisted cognitive training.  She is interested in free speech and fourth […]

Charlie White

Charlie White graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in English. A background in literature helped him write blog posts and previews for the lab on current research and upcoming events. His ambitions are to contribute to more ethical and effective data collection and transferring standards in the tech industry.

Rian Wanstreet

Rian is a PhD Candidate in the Communication Department studying Science, Technology, and Society. She is researching the ramifications of the rise of AI/ML in the agricultural sector. She focuses on policy, regulatory, and design efforts to ensure that programmatic platforms are implemented in ethical, sustainable, and transparent ways.

Jasmine Wang

Jasmine Wang is a Canadian who studied at the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering under the Killam-Fulbright exchange grant. Her interests lie in machine learning, technical AI safety and strategic AI governance, surveillance, and ICTD.

Jesse Woo

Jesse Woo is a University of Washington Law alumnus and lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area. His practice serves technology clients and small businesses for their IP, privacy compliance, and business transaction needs. As a consultant with the Tech Policy Lab he contributes his significant research and writing skills to the Lab’s cutting-edge policy […]