Tamara Bonaci

Tamara Bonaci received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington while a member of the BioRobotics Lab. The topic of her research was “Privacy and Security by Design in BCIs” and its goal is identification of privacy threats arising from the BCI usage, and the development of prevention methods. She is also […]

Matthew Bellinger

Matthew received his Ph.D. from the Department of Communication. He studies rhetoric and digital culture, with a special focus on cryptocurrencies and related blockchain technologies.

Aaron Alva

Aaron Alva received his J.D. and M.S. in Information Management from the University of Washington. Aaron’s interests are at the intersection of law, cybersecurity and privacy. He is a NSF CyberCorps scholarship recipient, and currently a Technology Policy Research Fellow at the Federal Trade Commission.

Espen Scheuer

Espen Scheuer was a Research Assistant at the Tech Policy Lab as a UW undergraduate studying Human Centered Design & Engineering with a concentration in data science. He is interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability as well as public perception of privacy and security.

Hayley Younghusband

Hayley Younghusband received her Bachelor’s degree in Informatics from the University of Washington and was a Research Assistant at the Tech Policy Lab.

Leron Vandsburger

Leron came to law school after working in nanomaterials research and was eager to apply his technical background to policy questions that arise out of advances in DNA technology. The Hazelton fellowship allowed him to study American laws governing technology, privacy, and the interaction between nanoscience and computer science.

David O’Hair

David O’Hair is a J.D. graduate of the University of Washington School of Law. He is interested in autonomous technologies, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. David wants to help pave the way for integrating autonomous technologies into society and make sure cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are properly regulated.

Ivan Evtimov

Ivan Evtimov earned a PhD in the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. As a member of the Security and Privacy Lab, he studied the security of machine learning algorithms. In particular, Ivan is interested in how deep neural networks applied in the real world might fail if their inputs are modified in unexpected […]

Jabu Diagana

Jabu Diagana is a J.D. graduate of the UW School of Law interested in Privacy, Cyber security and data protection. Prior to law school, Jabu worked at the Boeing Company Engineering Operations & Technology organization. At Boeing, Jabu had the opportunity to perform technology audit both inside the company and at suppliers sites all over […]

Camille Cobb

Camille received her PhD from the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. She is interested in understanding users’ security and privacy expectations when using popular applications (e.g., social media). She focuses on how those expectations may be intentionally or accidentally violated by other users without special skills or access to the application.