Charles Simon

Charles worked in the Tech Policy Lab and was also a previous Hazelton Fellow who worked on 2020 election misinformation at the Center for an Informed Public. Before law school, he was a flight officer in the US Navy who worked in information security and with military encrypted communications. He also served as an editor […]

Andrew Raitt

Andrew was a Hazelton Fellow at the Tech Policy Lab and earned an M.J. from the University of Washington School of Law. Andrew has a background in cognitive science and specializes in AI law and regulation. While broadly interested in all matters of tech policy, Andrew is most interested in exploring civil remedies for autonomous […]

Andrew Shaw

Andrew was an intern with the Tech Policy Lab and is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington studying computer science and philosophy. He is broadly interested in the ethics and regulation of emerging technology affecting minority┬ácommunities, including data privacy,┬ásurveillance, and artificial intelligence. In particular, he enjoys exploring the ways in which non-Western philosophies […]

Anna Lee Swan

Anna Lee Swan was a Postdoctoral Scholar for the Tech Policy Lab and the Center for an Informed Public. She earned her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Washington, with an emphasis on gendered labor and global social media use. Previously, she worked on a variety of research and evaluation projects aiming to advance […]

Cameron Cantrell

Cameron was a J.D. candidate at the School of Law. She is broadly interested in using technology and privacy to preserve and restore personal autonomy, with some focus on data security and the Fourth Amendment. Cameron’s background is in empirical public policy and discrete mathematics.

Manisha Srivatsan

Manisha graduated from the Foster School of Business studying Finance and minoring in Law, Societies and Justice. She is interested in social impact and public sector consulting which allows her to learn about the intersection of higher education, economic development, and technical business background to give back to underprivileged groups. She researched the Lab’s background […]

Zoe Wood

Zoe earned a J.D. from the UW School of Law. She has a background in computer science and is interested in the social implications of human-robot interaction and how law enforcement uses technology.

Pardis Emami-Naeini

Pardis was a postdoctoral scholar at University of Washington, who worked with Tadayoshi Kohno and Franziska Roesner. She received a B.Sc. degree in computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology, and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). As part of her doctoral research, she developed a usable privacy and […]

Lucy Simko

Lucy earned a PhD in Computer Science & Engineering from the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. Her research focuses on the security and privacy-related needs and practices of understudied or underserved populations, e.g. resettled refugees.

Savannah McKinnon

Savannah was a J.D. candidate at the UW School of Law. Her research examines agricultural technologies and food resiliency. She is interested in the intersection of intellectual property and technology law, and has a background in analytics and digital media marketing.