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November 4, 2022

Co-Director reflects on the long-term view of technology

UW iSchool

Co-Director Batya Friedman tackled the difficult questions in a recent article by the University of Washington’s School of Information: Does it make life better for people, now and in the future? Does it account for human values? Is it something we even need in the first place? Throughout the article, she discusses past work on Value […]


October 31, 2022

TPL PhD students discuss agricultural technology

Tech Policy Press

Nicholas T. Logler, a Ph.D candidate at the UW Information School and Rian Wanstreet, a Ph.D candidate at the University of Washington recently expressed the necessity to include agriculture in the Tech Policy debate. They urge the audience to look more into data, environmental, impact and security with the next generation of farming tech possibly being […]


October 20, 2022

Co-Director shares opinion on direction of FTC, Axon AI ethics board, bots, accuracy & fairness of AI algorithms, and cases before the Supreme Court

FastCompany, CNN, Washington Post, WSJ, NBC News

Co-Director Ryan Calo was highlighted in various new articles for his opinions and backgrounds about facets of the technology field. Calo’s tweets are featured in article about direction of FTC Why he and others resigned from Axon’s ai ethics advisory board Relevance, or lack thereof, of bots for Twitter and Musk Interview regarding accuracy and […]


October 10, 2022

Co-Director and Faculty Associate receive National Science Foundation award

Allen School News

TPL Co-Director Yoshi Kohno and faculty associate from the Paul G. Allen school Franziska Roesner recently received an NSF for their work in the Security and Privacy Research Lab. They partnered with colleagues at the University of Florida and Indiana University to provide a framework for moving technology design beyond the default when it comes […]


June 24, 2022

Co-Director Honored by Students with ACM Teaching Award

Allen School News

At the Allen School’s first in-person graduation ceremony since 2019, TPL Co-Director and Professor of Computer Science Yoshi Kohno was honored with the ACM Teaching Award by the University of Washington Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (UW ACM). The award highlighting faculty excellence in teaching was presented by Lucy Jiang, president of […]


March 10, 2022

Co-Director named ACM Fellow


The Association for Computing Machinery has recently named its 71 fellows for this research that continues to shape technologies we use daily and accomplishments in the computing space. Batya Friedman, Co-Director of the Tech Policy Lab was recently highlighted in this list for contributions to human values in the technical design process.


January 24, 2022

Co-Director named ACM Fellow for groundbreaking research

UW iSchool

TPL Co-Director Batya Friedman, as well as professors,  Jacob O. Wobbrock and  Anind K. Dey were highlighted as ACM Fellows this past week. Fellows are seen as the “1% of members for their outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology and/or outstanding service to ACM and the larger computing community”. The iSchool released an article detailing their individual research […]


January 20, 2022

Co-Director emphasizes lack of penalties on Facebook’s recent missteps

New York Times

From freezing accounts of Native people, to rejecting ads that were aimed at individuals with disabilities, Facebook has struggled with making equitable judgment calls with regards to free expression and speech. TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo pointed out that “most firms that make errors face critical penalties. Facebook hardly ever does.” Calo compared the actions of […]


January 19, 2022

Co-Director Calo on Driver Information Collected by Automakers


In Newsweek, Co-Director Calo highlighted that “Some [auto] companies have begun to experiment with your affect,” he explained. “Trying to figure out if you’re tired and beginning to close your eyes. Or you’re yawning. Where you’re actually looking. Are you looking at the street? Are you looking at the console?”. He prompted a discussion regarding privacy […]


December 10, 2021

Data Statements highlighted in SpeechTechMag

Speech Technology Magazine

Co-Director and Professor Batya Friedman along with Faculty Associate and Professor Emily M. Bender’s recent paper titled “Data Statements for Natural Language Processing: Toward Mitigating System Bias and Enabling Better Science,” was highlighted in a natural language processing article by SpeechTechMag. It discussed AI in facial recognition systems and how data statements are key in understanding why […]


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