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March 19, 2019

Highlights from Our Fifth Year

Photo of Ryan Calo, Batya Friedman, and Tadayoshi Kohno

The Tech Policy Lab at the University of Washington has become an indispensable source for tech policy research, education, and local, national, and international thought leadership. The Lab has worked directly with policymakers, published research and guides on emerging technologies, and provided opportunities for the public to learn from experts.


October 10, 2018

Co-Director Batya Friedman Joins Panel at NAE Annual Meeting on Security and Privacy

On October 1st, 2018, Tech Policy Lab Faculty Co-Director Batya Friedman discussed privacy and security in the 21st century as part of a panel at the 2018 National Academy of Engineering (NAE) annual meeting.


October 3, 2018

Global Summit: Towards Culturally Responsive Artificial Intelligence

In August of 2018, the Tech Policy Lab held our second Global Summit on Grand Challenges for Tech Policy, focusing on culturally responsive artificial intelligence (AI). The Summit, convened at the University of Washington, brought together a global network of experts in ethics, political science, art, policy, and technology from the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.


October 19, 2017

Tech Policy Lab Joins Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

TPL News

The Tech Policy Lab is delighted to be joining the Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society, a non-profit organization charged with exploring and developing best practices for AI. The Lab, which aims to position policymakers, broadly defined, to make wiser and more inclusive tech policy, joins a diverse range of voices from academia, industry […]


December 1, 2016

Global Summit on Grand Challenges for Tech Policy

Today we have an opportunity to put in place global strategies for making progress on grand challenges for tech policy. Well-selected grand challenges convey a sense of vision and push a field forward. At the same time, they must be tractable—that is, consist of actual projects of reasonable scale and ambition—for meaningful progress to be […]


November 17, 2016

Director Calo Testifies on Augmented Reality Before U.S. Senate

Lab Co-Director Ryan Calo gives testimony at a hearing titled Exploring Augmented Reality

Lab Faculty Co-Director, Ryan Calo, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation at a hearing exploring augmented reality.


October 21, 2016

Knight Foundation Demo Day – Peter Ney

This past July, Lab member Peter Ney presented his work on SeaGlass, a cell-site simulator detection system, at the Knight Foundation Prototype Demo Day in Miami. In the below post, Peter discusses his experience at the event. In February, the Knight Foundation awarded the Prototype Grant to the SeaGlass team (colead by Ian Smith and […]


July 18, 2016

Kids & Connected Toys

This week Emily McReynolds will be speaking at the Future of Privacy Forum event Kids & the Connected Home. One of the Tech Policy Lab’s current projects focuses on the privacy and security implications of connected toys, Toys That Listen. Follow the discussion on Twitter at #InternetofToys. Hello Barbie, Amazon Echo, and the home robot […]


June 30, 2016

Faculty Director Ryan Calo Testifies Before German Parliament

On June 22, 2016 C0-Director Calo testified before the German Parliament, the Bundestag. He answered questions as part of a hearing before the Committee on the Digital Agenda on "The Effects of Robotics on Economics, Labour and Society." He answered questions about the application of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence for economic growth; and identified a number of issues regulatory issues legislators will face.


May 3, 2016

Tech Policy Lab to Co-Host White House Artificial Intelligence Workshop

The Tech Policy Lab is delighted to announce a public workshop on the law and policy of artificial intelligence, co-hosted by the White House and UW’s School of Law. The event places leading artificial intelligence experts from academia and industry in conversation with government officials interested in developing a wise and effective policy framework for […]