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May 5, 2024

Co-director shares expertise on CNBC TikTok segment


CNBC logo

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo discussed the legality and impact of a potential TikTok ban recently on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” Calo was interviewed for a story covering the House passing legislation that could ban TikTok in the United States. He spoke to the challenges the legislation could face and other opportunities to address the security risks. […]


April 14, 2024

Co-Director cited in op-ed on privacy legislation

Tech Policy Press

In a recent op-ed in the Tech Policy Press, Joseph Jerome brought forward his perspective on the journey toward a national privacy standard. The Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Tampa and Tech & Public Policy Visiting Fellow at Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy discussed how the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) is […]


March 28, 2024

Faculty associate weighs in on TikTok algorithm


Fast Company logo

TPL faculty associate Franziska Roesner was a research partner on a project looking to decipher TikTok’s algorithms that was recently highlighted in FastCompany. “At the highest level, we want to understand how people are actually using TikTok, and how the TikTok algorithm works,” Roesner said. The project aimed to gain insight into recommendations and personalization. […]


March 15, 2024

AI recipes missing key ingredients, faculty associate says

The Washington Post

A recent article in The Washington Post highlighted the challenges of AI-created recipes and turned to TPL faculty associate Emily Bender for insight. Recipes created by artificial intelligence are pulling from many sources, which can lead to unexpected results. “When the language model is accessing the parts of its training data that has to do […]


March 14, 2024

Tech Talk with Cory Doctorow addresses exploitation

The Daily

Cory Doctorow’s Tech Talk on Feb. 26 brought forward concerns around the exploitative practices of tech companies and how we might go about solving them. In an article in UW’s The Daily, the author, activist and journalist shared different ways large companies are capitalizing on users’ data, and suggested there are factors that can keep […]


Program manager tapped for input on TikTok debate

The Seattle Times

Program Manager Alex Bolton shared insight into the TikTok debate with The Seattle Times for its recent article, “WA lawmakers back TikTok ‘ban.’ Seattle TikTokers aren’t happy about it.” Bolton was cited for his input around the foundational issues of data and privacy surrounding the conversation. He also offered the perspective that this provides “an […]


February 22, 2024

Co-Director book named to Best of 2024 list


Just Luxe logo

Co-Director Tadayoshi Kohno’s book “Cryptography Engineering” was named one of the best cybersecurity books of the year. The work was highlighted in an article in JustLuxe, within the category of Essential Reads for Protecting Computer Systems. The article noted that “Cryptography Engineering,” by Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier, and Tadayoshi Kohno, “delves into cryptographic algorithms, protocols, […]


February 21, 2024

Co-Director featured on “Good Morning America”


Co-Director Ryan Calo was sought out as an expert source for a recent story on “Good Morning America” about a college student facing legal action for tracking Taylor Swift’s jet. On Feb. 21, Calo’s interview aired on the nation’s No. 1 morning news show, which has an impressive 2.9 million viewers daily, according to Nielsen […]


February 20, 2024

Co-directors discuss ‘What Are We Building’ on podcast

Tech Policy Press

The Tech Policy Press recently interviewed Tech Policy Lab Co-Directors Batya Friedman and Aylin Caliskan to discuss their careers and the recent leadership transition at the Lab. The interview, “What Are We Building, And Why?” gives Friedman an opportunity to reflect on her work, which is foundational to many conversations being had today, and Caliskan […]


November 11, 2023

TPL program manager breaks down Meta lawsuit

The Daily

TPL Program Manager Alex Bolton explained various facets about the lawsuit against Meta for practices that exploit children and teens in The Daily’s recent article. Bolton was the primary source for the story about Washington and other states filing suit against Meta, alleging the company intentionally targets children and teens with addictive algorithms and other app […]


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