TPL in the Media

May 4, 2023

Co-Director and Faculty Associate honored at USENIX for lasting impact of their work on third party tracking.

Allen School News

Tech Policy Lab Co-Director Tadayoshi Kohno and Faculty Associate Franziska Roesner were recently honored at the 20th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation for the lasting impact of their work on third party tracking. Kohno and Roesner were part of a team that received the Test of Time Award for their work “Detecting […]


April 27, 2023

Co-Director Speaks On Elon Musk’s Efforts to Build his Own A.I. Chatbot

The New York Times

The New York Times provides a statement from TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo on Elon Musk’s plan to build his own A.I. chatbot. After the official release of ChatGPT, Musk has spoken out about the harmful effects of these artificial intelligence technologies. Despite his concerns, Musk aims to invest in his own A.I. company called X.AI. Calo […]


April 25, 2023

Co-Director and Faculty Associate Referenced in Article About ‘Smart Cities’


TPL Co-Director Yoshi Kohno and Faculty Associate Franziska Roesner’s paper on ‘Smart Cities’ is referenced in an article with Scienmag. According to this article, many states and governments are currently working with tech companies to incorporate more innovation into cities to mitigate issues such as pollution, traffic congestion, or crime. However, Kohno and Roesner found […]


March 21, 2023

Bloomberg Law Spotlights Tech Policy Lab for Innovation and Experiential Learning

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is spotlighting the excellence of the Tech Policy Lab as part of its 2022 Law School Innovation Program. Named alongside schools like Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law and UC San Francisco’s College of the Law, the UW collaboration was noted for its “innovative program that is advancing legal education.” The Tech Policy Lab […]


March 3, 2023

TPL Faculty Associate Emily Bender profiled in New York Magazine

New York Magazine

Tech Policy Lab Faculty Associate and UW Linguistics professor Emily Bender was profiled in New York Magazine. The profile focuses on Bender’s work with large language models (LLMs) and how she has worked to emphasize the importance of humanity and differentiating humans from language models.


February 20, 2023

Co-Director Comments on the Impact of AI and Policing

The Guardian

In an article that discusses AI and policing, TPL Co-Director TPL Co-Director Batya Friedman shares her thoughts. When incorporating AI into our society to make decisions, we must ensure that our technologies are not just fair and just. Professor Friedman suggests that justice is the act of humans “recognizing and restoring” each other. Before implementing […]


February 6, 2023

Co-Director & Ph.D. Student’s Paper Featured in 3 Articles About Defining Privacy and the Dilemmas of Privacy Legislation

American Enterprise Institute - AEI, Technology & Marketing Law Blog, Legal Theory Blog

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo and Ph.D. student María P. Angel’s paper, Distinguishing Privacy Law: A Critique of Privacy as Social Taxonomy, is mentioned in three articles. As iterated by all articles, Calo and Angel illustrate the difficulty of defining what exactly ‘privacy’ constitutes especially in creating laws and regulation. Since ‘privacy’ can be interpreted in […]


January 25, 2023

Co-Director Joins World Bank Data Privacy Day to Discuss Privacy and Vulnerability

World Bank Live

In a lunchtime talk at the World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023, TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo discussed the topic of vulnerability and privacy. Calo stressed the importance of how users can become vulnerable online, especially when companies and organizations have to handle user information. Each person can be in a state of vulnerability online, and […]


January 24, 2023

Co-Director Mentioned in an Article About AI and Tort Law

Chief Executive

In a recent article with Chief Executive, TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo speaks on a possible but terrifying possibility of artificial intelligence. AI is designed to create better, faster, and more efficient solutions for humans. But, who is responsible for the damages that AI may create? Calo states that even in an effort to maximize efficiency, […]


January 19, 2023

Co-Director interviews three visiting legal fellows at the Center for an Informed Public to discuss misinformation and law

Center for an Informed Public

In a Q&A video series, TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo interviewed Danielle Citron, a University of Virginia Law professor, Olivier Sylvain, a Fordham University Law professor and Federal Trade Commission advisor, and Ari Ezra Waldman, a professor of law and computer science at Northeastern University. Calo touches on various misinformation subjects such as deep fakes and […]