November 3, 2023

Co-Director Breaks Down Different Facets of Bill Around AI and Campaign Ads

Wisconsin Public Radio

New proposed legislation in Wisconsin would require disclosure around the use of AI to generate audio or video in campaign ads. In a story on Wisconsin Public Radio, Co-Director Ryan Calo discusses how simple it can be to create “fake news,” and the partnering risks to the electorate. Additionally, he notes the importance of lawmakers’ […]


TPL Co-Director named Associate Dean for Faculty Success

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering recently announced that TPL Co-Director Tadayoshi Kohno will become the Associate Dean for Faculty Success in the College of Engineering, effective Jan. 1, 2024, subject to approval of the Provost. Faculty are foundational to the success of students, so supporting them in their roles “increases our collective impact.” This role will support, […]


November 2, 2023

Co-Director Reads Between Lines of Executive Order in New Post Article

The Washington Post

In a new Washington Post article, Co-Director Ryan Calo weighs in on a new executive order signed by President Biden around AI regulation. “Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence” aims to advance and govern the development and use of AI. The White House fact sheet says, “the […]


November 1, 2023

Co-Director Encourages Partnership Between Police, Communities Around Patrol Robots

USA Today

Co-Director Ryan Calo advises thoughtfulness when deploying law-enforcing robots in a piece in USA Today. The New York Police Department recently added a robot to its city patrols in a move that is a likely signal of what’s to come in policing. This move is both hailed as a safety measure and questioned for its […]


September 11, 2023

TPL Co-Director Named to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Board of Directors

Electronic Frontier Foundation

TPL Co-Director Yoshi Kohno recently joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Board of Directors this September of 2023. Professor Kohno has paved the way for researching security flaws in technologies, establishing technological risks, and identifying privacy threats amongst refugees in the U.S. and vulnerable populations. Kohno and other researchers have also created a framework to identify how […]


September 8, 2023

Co-Director Speaks on How Ethics are Important, But Does Not Replace Need for Regulation

The Markup

In an article with the Markup, TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo speaks on the on-going issue with Axon and their goals of creating more taser-armed drones. In response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Texas, technology company Axon vowed to start developing taser-equipped drones. However, Axon’s AI Ethics Board and many other voices, including attorneys, activists, and […]


September 7, 2023

TPL Faculty Associate Emily Bender Included in TIME 100 AI 2023 for Her Work Looking at the Dangers of Large Language Models


TPL Faculty Associate Emily Bender was recently featured in the TIME 100 AI 2023 list of Thinkers. In their article of Professor Bender, TIME shares a couple of achievements she has earned, including her 2020 paper on the risks of large language models, the making of the ‘Bender Rule’, and her impact on legislation about AI bias […]


July 25, 2023

Faculty associate’s research report asks foundational light rail questions

South Seattle Emerald

Research by TPL faculty associate Jan Whittington was highlighted in a recent article covering the development of a high-speed rail in the PNW. The paper, “Keeping It On the Tracks,” identifies data and recommendations that will support the effective and efficient development of such a system. “Oftentimes, [the U.S. is] in a leadership role in […]


July 21, 2023

Co-Director Quoted in an Opinion About Driver Privacy & the Threats of Big Tech

Daily Caller

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo is featured in an opinion piece about the concerns of Big Tech and autonomous vehicles collecting data on drivers. Calo states that automakers have begun to collect lots of data on their consumers, including where a driver’s eyes are looking. According to the article, most consumers have no idea that these […]


July 13, 2023

Co-Director Assures AI is Not as Powerful or Threatening as it Seems

LA Times

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo comments in a LA Times article that artificial intelligence chatbots aren’t as threatening or ‘intelligent’ as they seem. The public and AI companies claiming these chatbots can reach human intelligence or being a detriment to society is not accurate. Professor Calo insists that these claims are being used to convince the […]