June 26, 2023

Co-Director Suggest in The Wire Science for the Public to Focus on Immediate Harms, Not Existential Threats Concerning AI

The Wire Science

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo writes an article with the Wire Science to warn the public of the ongoing existential issues concerning artificial intelligence. Calo argues that the threat of AI is not as serious as these industries make them out to be. Of course, there are possibilities of risk of extinction, but Calo suggests that […]


June 22, 2023

Co-Director Expands on Why AI Creators Claim AI is an Existential Threat


TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo writes on Undark to uncover the reasons why AI creators are warning the public of AI. According to Professor Calo, tech companies and industries might be motivated by different reasons other than mitigating the risks of extinction. Calo claims these existential threats take attention away from the immediate harms that are happening right […]


June 20, 2023

Co-Director Discusses About the On-Going Conversations of the U.S. and Tech Regulations


TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo participated in a discussion with PBS News Hour about the on-going efforts to regulate artificial intelligence and technology. In this discussion, Calo illustrates how focused the U.S. is with advancing AI compared to the European Union, where the EU recently passed a draft of the A.I. Act. According to Calo, the Congress and […]


June 17, 2023

Co-Director Predicated the Use and Controversy of Using Drones in Public Life

The Register

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo was mentioned in an article that discusses the controversies concerning the use of surveillance drones in public life. In some states, drones with facial recognition software were banned unless law enforcement found a probable cause or suspicion of imminent harm, escape of a suspect or ‘the destruction of evidence.’” Since drones […]


June 13, 2023

TPL Faculty Associate Illustrates How AI Does Not Understand Its Outputs


TPL Faculty Associate, Emily Bender, claims that AI are “stochastic parrots”. In a discussion with KUOW, Professor Bender illustrates how chatbots like ChatGPT merely repeat what they know but do not have understanding or comprehension of what they said. These artificial intelligence machines are created because of equations. Bender argues that these AIs are not fully […]


June 12, 2023

Co-Director States Current Fears of AI Are Misplaced — Harm Must Be Addressed Now

South Seattle Emerald

Along with another TPL member, Aylin Caliskan, TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo is featured in an article to discuss the current concerns of AI. Professor Calo insists that the current narratives of AI are misguided and likely a distraction from on-going harms and risks. AI taking over might be possible, but discrimination, bias, accountability, and misinformation are already […]


June 5, 2023

Co-Director & Faculty Associate Share Their Views on Mitigating the Risk of Extinction from AI

The Algorithmic Bridge

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo and faculty associate Professor Emily M. Bender speak on the recent CAIS statement on AI risk. According to both members of TPL, the main concern of AI is not human extinction. If anything, that seems unlikely. The more important issues of AI are corporations ‘accelerating wealth and income inequality, lack of […]


May 19, 2023

Co-Director’s Article on Science and Technology Studies is Critical to Law and Technology

Technology Law - The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)

In an article from TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo, The Scale and the Reactor, Calo illustrates how crucial Science and Technology Studies (STS) can be for law and technology. The article is featured in a journal by Woodrow Hartzog, and Hartzog gives a brief description of Calo’s arguments. According to Calo, denying STS from conversations about […]


Co-Director Referenced at the RSA Conference 2023 in a Talk About AI

AWS Security Blog

TPL Co-Director Ryan Calo was referenced by Benham Dayanim in their talk, “AI: Law, Policy and Common Sense Suggestions on How to Stay Out of Trouble” at the 2023 RSA Conference. According to Calo, artificial intelligence is not defined as a “thing, like a train, but rather a set of techniques aimed at approximating some […]


May 4, 2023

Co-Director and Faculty Associate honored at USENIX for lasting impact of their work on third party tracking.

Allen School News

Tech Policy Lab Co-Director Tadayoshi Kohno and Faculty Associate Franziska Roesner were recently honored at the 20th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation for the lasting impact of their work on third party tracking. Kohno and Roesner were part of a team that received the Test of Time Award for their work “Detecting […]